Bursitis & Knee Pain Relief Guide

Bursitis is a joint injury that most commonly affects hips, shoulders, knees, and elbows. Bursitis is a chronic condition in which a bursa sac (fluid-filled sacs present in joints all over your body) becomes swollen, irritated, and suffers from extreme inflammation. The purpose of the bursa sacs is to prevent friction between joints, bones, and muscles. For this reason, Bursitis can feel extremely discomforting, painful, and hard to manage.

Excess stretching and putting an pressure on the bursa sacs can cause irritation for athletes or those with an active lifestyle.

Common Symptoms of Bursitis include:

●Pain ●Swelling ●Tenderness

Severe Symptoms include:

●Fever or warmth in the affected area ●Immovability ●Severe Pain

If the pain lasts for more than two weeks, it may be a case of chronic Bursitis. Contact your doctor to see what anti-inflammatory topicals or medications are right for you.

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Treatment for Bursitis

 Usually, Bursitis can be treated at home by adopting several habits. The best way to treat Bursitis is to rest, and giving rest to the affected bursa is very important, avoid putting any pressure on it. Bursitis usually goes away on its own by taking the proper care. If putting pressure is continued on the affected bursa, there is a chance that it might get worst with time. Bursitis can also be healed by massaging the affected area with ice for 10-15 minutes.

Massaging helps give instant relief from pain caused by Bursitis. If the patient faces discomfort, then stop using this method. If the pain is a bit unbearable and none of the above methods is helping, then try pain remedies for more relief.

Often, a patient will be prescribed painkillers, but this will not relieve symptoms fully without powerful combinations of anti-Inflammatories. Also, try physical therapy and exercises every day by performing range-of-motion exercises.

If one has Bursitis in or around a joint, gently move the joint through its complete range of motion, even if it is are resting it. This will help to avoid stiffness. Add other workouts to strengthen the muscles around the joint when the discomfort subsides.

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If one is suffering from severe Bursitis, you may undergo a minor procedure. The doctor will insert a needle into the infected bursa to remove the excess fluid causing pain and swelling. If Bursitis doesn't go away or after trying other techniques, you might need surgery as a permanent treatment to get rid of it. Sometimes due to increased fluids, the bursa sacs get infected, and in this case, doctors prescribe antibiotics to get relief from the infection caused by bacteria.

Knee Bursitis – Prepatellar Bursitis

Knee bursitis is common with those who have prolonged contact with their knees on the ground. These steady hinge joints constantly modify and regulate the balance of the body. Although, the knees are resilient and can bear weight of the body in conjunction of the feet, this joint can have severe complications when used as support directly against a hard surface such as a ground or floor.

Bursitis of the knee is also known as "Prepatellar Bursitis". This condition can be caused by swelling, inflammation, or even the filling of the bursa sac with blood after an injury.

Those with the following related jobs or hobbies should be aware of Prepatellar Bursitis:

Flooring or carpet installation ●Contractor Agriculture Construction Mining ●Service jobs and housekeeping.

Any regular or prolonged activity that demand excessive kneeling, squatting, standing, lifting and climbing stairs all increase your odds of knee issues such as bursitis.

If you are diagnosed or think you may be experiencing chronic Bursitis please see our "inflammation guide" for more information.

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