Arthritis & Joint Pain Relief Guide

"About 1 in 4 US adults (23.7%) or about 58.5 million people have doctor-diagnosed arthritis." According to the CDC.

Those with arthritis pain from mild to severe cases can learn to manage symptoms to preserve quality of life and remain in an active lifestyle. This constant issue requires responsible habits and proper knowledge. Easing pain in healthy and effective ways with regular habits and activity adaptions can go a long way. There are many things such as exercise, medication, and reducing stress inducing behavior that can help underlying causes of pain such as inflammation, stiffness, and soreness.

Things to Consider Before Treatment:

●Stay informed on your condition, Know the name and location of your pain ●Current lifestyle, occupation, hobbies

●Stay informed on the progression of the condition and if the tissues are already damaged

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Help with Trouble Sleeping

Those with chronic pain can experience trouble sleeping. If pain or discomfort persists indefinitely our extra strength menthol cream masks pain instantly. Menthol is a natural anti-inflammatory that absorbs through your skin. This fast acting cream also considerably reduces pain by blocking pain receptors.

For those who have trouble sleeping with arthritis you may want to re-examine the time of day or dose amount of any remedy you use during the day. Tolerance to pain medication may increase over time so, while you may experience more pain during the day by, practicing this method by decreasing your dosage during the day will also decrease tolerance. Rotating between heat and ice modalities and treatment options can be a solution if you are heavily dependant on a particular routine. Understanding habits and getting more excercise to help circulation and joint health can also significantly effect sleep habits.

Here are some tips for better sleep:

●Avoid electronics before bedtime - blue light blocking glasses during the day ●Have a strict bedtime schedule

●Limit caffiene intake

Diet and Weight

Weight gain after diagnosis can increase the severity of arthritis pain. One of the biggest mistakes made when feeling pain is significantly decreasing activity. Changing an active lifestyle can impact your body's weight, consider other exercises and activities that are minimal impact.

Keeping joints healthy is essential for performance and overall quality of life. Joints themselves are supported best by staying active, avoiding prolonged rest, and keeping pressure off of problem areas. For those who are struggling with weight gain strengthening surrounding tissues and body parts such as bones and muscle also will help manage inflammation and soreness.

Key to Joint Health:

●Regular professional medical evaluations to inspect possible damage ●Strengthening muscles ●Strengthening bones

●Managing weight ●Lessening rest and leisure time whenever possible (sitting, laying down, ect.)

Evaluating Exercise Routines:

Evaluating your movements and staying active can decrease pain. Regular exercise and muscle-strengthening exercises are essential for managing pain and increasing circulation. Better circulation is also great for reducing inflammation and swelling.

Consider these low impact water activities to help circulation and weight loss:

●Swimming ●Water Aerobics ●Walking ●Biking ●Yoga

Make sure to choose those activities that help in building muscles around the joints but discontinue activities that can eventually damage the joints. Trainers are available to help you choose the right exercise.

Include cardio in the routine to keep ensure good blood flow.

Extra Menthol for Rapid Pain Masking.

Extra Menthol for Rapid Pain Masking.

Medications and Remedies:

Although many expect their doctor to prescribe medications immediately, it may not be necessary for mild cases. A combination of acetaminophen and anti-inflammation topicals can decrease discomfort at home or work, almost. Be sure to pay attention to potential side effects. Research products with natural ingredients  as an alternative or consult a doctor for a proffessional opinion.

NSAIDs that are usually most common include Motrin and Advil. A combination of anti-inflammation topicals such as menthol or arnica in combination with acetaminophen or NSAIDs can ease mild arthritis pain. Acetaminophen in large quantities can harm the liver so make sure to take as directed.

People with liver illness and those who consume more than three alcoholic beverages per day may be unable to take acetaminophen. Some people may experience negative effects such as stomach irritation and bleeding after a long period of time.


For improving stiffness and pain, massages can be beneficial. There are professional massage therapist available that specialize in conditions like these and can work around discomfort to ensure a successful session.

Habits to Avoid to Manage Arthritis Pain:

Smoking and Stress:

Activities or other personal areas of your life that induce stress can increase pain. Be mindful of interactions and take extra care to keep relaxed. The toxins in a cigarette can cause stress on your connective tissue and also those with Rheumatoid Arthritis should also consider alternatives to nicotine.

Activities or other personal areas of your life that induce stress can increase pain. Be mindful of interactions and take extra care to keep relaxed.

Understanding the severity of pain to find the source and knowing which symptoms develop over time and its underlying causes can help lead the way when considering treatment options.

Quick Remedies:

●Applying topical creams ●Massage ●Consuming foods with anti-oxidants ●Vitamins or supplements for join health

●Light stretching ●Light activity to increase circulation

If you are diagnosed or think you may be experiencing arthritis please see our "inflammation guide" for more information.

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