Hemp ingredients promote cell regeneration, help restore energy, promote healing of fractures, aid in post-workout recovery, and aids in the treatment of head trauma, according to an article from, about how hemp ingredients could be helpful for NFL draft players.  

Some hemp ingredients have neuroprotective properties that help with the healing process for faster healing, reduced scarring, and improved muscle development.  

These products also help with energy without the side effects of other alternatives like coffee, energy drinks, or edible supplements. Simply energy and alertness, without the shakiness or tremors.  

Since products help restore soft tissue, bones are no exception. There have been studies that tested the regeneration of bone tissue with surprising success.

Antioxidants in this ingredient work exceptionally well to help with injuries and support improved physical activity, which can aid in bypassing the stiffness and soreness of torn muscles and help relax the muscle before it damages other surrounding healthy tissues.  

Head trauma can occur during football or other full-contact sports and activities. Trauma to the head causes anger, memory loss, and impulsivity, among other side effects. This product can assist with improving healing the trauma and calm the tension. 

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Muscle Relief

Muscle pain can be an effect of physical activity, accidents but also underlying conditions like Multiple Sclerosis and Arthritis. According to  

Studies have begun to make way in reducing pain experienced by people with Multiple Sclerosis. The patients did say they saw a reduction in inflammation and other symptoms.   

These hemp ingredients do have poor bioavailability when consumed orally. Therefore, We recommend using our Extra Strength Freeze Cream or our Hands-Free Roll-On to test its pain relief properties for yourself!  

For help with muscle recovery due to workout injuries, some experts have claimed a positive impact on muscle development by reducing Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness or (DOMS).

Extra Menthol for Rapid Pain Masking.

Extra Menthol for Rapid Pain Masking.

Pain Relief

The non-psychoactive and non- addictive properties of our ingredients make it suitable for therapeutic use. There are many other ways our bodies can experience pain such as anxiety, depression, stress and other medical conditions such as hypertension, heart attacks and strokes. There are numerous studies that back these claims.  

These ingredients are also used by cancer patients to relieve pain. The National Cancer Institute has listed these ingredients as a potential option for minimizing the following side effects of chemotherapy:

Nausea Vomiting Lack of appetite Insomnia Pain Hair loss Fatigue ●Mouth sores

 In addition,  Our ingredients can help with chronic inflammation. This issue can cause a number of systematic issues besides just the injured area. These include: 

Abdominal pain Chest pain Fatigue Fever Mouth sores Rashes

These symptoms range from mild to severe, and may last for years if not properly treated.

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